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Twelve plastic chips with a different month printed on each are shown, & placed into a beautiful velvet bag by a spectator. The chips are mixed up in the bag by another spectator. A black card is shown & placed on someone's hand, with their other hand being placed on top, the card is blank. The first spectator then tips the chips from the bag onto a table, some are seen to land face up and some land face down, all the face down chips are placed into the magicians pocket. The remaining chips are placed back into the bag & again are tipped out by the spectator, with all the face down chips being taken away by the magician. Eventually after this process is repeated, only ONE face up chip remains on the table, lets say it's the month of May. When the spectator looks at the card under his hand, it now reads "May" across the face of the card!!! (previous to that it was completely BLANK)........ Very easy to do & a great mystery. Comes complete. With Chips, the bag, the special card & full instructions.

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Magician borrows a 20p (or any small coin) (dime or penny) from the audience and asks him to sign on the coin using a sharpie pen.

Now the signed coin is placed on the palm and a coke can is introduced.
The magician shows his hands empty, nothing is left on his hands.
With magicians magical gesture, the signed coin penetrates through the can! the coin magically enters into the can!

The magician shows the can,to the audience's surprise there is no opening or hidden slit (except for the opening on the top of the can) it really looks like a normal can!

Now the magician takes out the signed coin from the opening on the top of the can, the coin is safely returned to the audience, it's the SAME marked coin!

No technique.

No reset.

You can also place the signed coin on the spectator's hand, then the coin will penetrate through the can.

It is very easy to perform and no special skills are required.

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Video Clip Available
The Spirit Bell will answer questions (one ring for yes, or two rings for no,for example)

The mysterious Spirit Bell will ring, apparently on it's own Free Will!

The Spirit Bell is one of the most heart stopping effects in magic.
The bell sits on the table in full view of everyone. As a question is asked and answered. the bell will ring without a hand touching it. It rings out answers to questions, predicts cards & names etc. Limited only by your imagination!

If you are into the spooky or bizarre, can tell a good tale, then this is for you!!

* Solid Brass Bell
* Attractive Acrylic Base
* Fully Padded Attache Case Included which holds all the props neatly. Each piece sits into its own padded compartment.
* Electronic - Remote Controlled, by foot or arm.

A real beauty.

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Video Clip Available
Open for Walk In Customers! & Mail Order!

Visit US SOON!!

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So what's different with this version? well firstly all the stones are now coloured except for one black stone. The black stone no longer stands out amongst the others, all stones are highly polished natural stones, all similar sizes. The natural stones are specially selected to "Mix In" & be compatable with the very special stone. If any stone stands out, it WON'T be the one you think it should be!!
Also the beautiful velvet bag is 5" across the top opening, which means that the spectator can get their hand in the bag with no problem at all to reach in & get the stones out!!

Mike Danata has also added his ideas & "Extras" to the original instructions!

& now for the original effects, now made even better with this super deluxe piece of kit!!!

Imagine for a moment that you have 1 to 5 people in front of you; you tell them you want to conduct an experiment into the subconscious and you conduct several tests to prove your powers.

This is all done under test conditions, and the results are awesome!

To begin with a bag is shown and the contents tipped out onto the table for everyone to examine. 4 different coloured stones are shown and one black. They are placed into the bag and shaken to mix them up.
You then instruct the spectator to take one stone and keep their hand closed so no one sees the stone! This is repeated with the other spectators until the bag is empty and placed to one side.
You then divine who does not have the black stone without looking, peeking or asking any questions! All it takes is a glance into their minds eye and you correctly eliminate the coloured stones. In fact the spectators do not have any idea which stone they hold, as they have not seen the colour themselves! You do this till you are left with two spectators, you then go on to correctly divine the location of the black stone and of course who holds the coloured stone.
Or of course vice versa, this alone is a jaw dropping moment! But wait there is more!

The spectator with the black stone is invited to conduct another experiment. You have them place the black stone and a coloured stone into the bag and shake the stones about to mix them (YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE BAG AT ALL DURING THIS PROCESS). They are then asked to take a stone in each hand but not to look at them just place their hands outstretched and of course keep them closed! You then take the spectators hands in yours and again after a little talk of the sub conscious being an extremely powerful entity you correctly divine the hand, which holds the black and the coloured stone. This can be instantly repeated with a second person with no reset at all!

Don’t have 5 people to perform to? It’s not a problem at all you can perform this trick for 1 or 100 people. The routine is simply designed to play for 1 - 5 or even more people, plus you can jazz the routine and take a bit from here and from there! It is a sure fire winner... Remember no stooges, no one ahead.

You will receive the following items:

Beautiful Velvet Bag with 5" opening at the top to carry and perform this amazing feat.
All stones 4 real semi precious stones (which might be: TIGERS EYE - GREEN QUARTZ - RED JASPER - DALMATION - ROCK CRYSTAL - QUARTZ SNOW etc..... 1 special Black Stone which is a real stone. None of the stones are plastic or resin, but they are all very exotic !!! All stones are carefully picked for each individual set, so that they are compatable with each other, in size shape & appearance. You also receive the all important gimmicks plus spares! plus the great manuscript with the routines, including the best selling “Stone routine” plus never before published ideas from Mike Danata!

Stones are all pocket sized and easy to carry in any trouser or jacket pocket, no bricks here!!!! Stones are made from Natural materials they are real stones, no resin, no plastic, just real stone!

This can be presented as a close up trick, it can play on the stage in a mentalism show, equally it can be presented in a dark bizarre routine about curses and trinkets! You name it, this trick will fit into any set!
You could start a religion with this trick....though it's not complusory!

Is this a weight thing? No it does not use any weights at all!

Is there a force used? No not at all, I Repeat NO FORCES....

Are there any psychological forces at play? Oh no not at all.

Are there any stooges? No, you need no one but yourself!

Is there any chance of my messing this up? No not if you read the instructions!

Is it hard to do? No it is self-working!

Any chemicals? No!

Are the stones gimmicked? No these are natural stones.

What if the spectator tries to fool me will I be able to tell? Oh yes!!!

Are there any switches? No, not at all!

Come on you must peek the stones? No you never see the stones till you have told the spectator which colour they are holding! There are no peeks at all.

Can any bag be used? Yes any bag can be used, you are supplied with a velvet bag but you could use a paper bag, plastic bag, tub etc.

Is this really a 5 star awesome crowd pleaser? Oh yes! Give it a whirl and see!

Can I perform this anywhere at all? Yes there are no limitations, bar, home, street, school, parlor, stage etc etc etc.

Can everything really be examined? Yes everything can be looked at and be examined there is nothing to find at all!

Mike Danata Comments:

This is awesome, even more so now, since we produced the Deluxe Kit! With thanks to "Unleash Your Dreams".

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Video Clip Available
The Meandering Matchbox is an animated matchbox that uses:
No threads!
No wires!
No body attachments!
100% self-contained!


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you don't want to miss out on anything!
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It's a close-up version of the great illusion!


The magician displays a small 5.75 inch, specially made spiral steel disc. Imagine the kind a hypnotist might use. The spiral is spun on the table top and you instruct the audience to stare at the spiral and not look away. You start to count backwards from 10 to 1, and when you reach one, you tell the audience to look at your nose.


Every audience will want you to do it again so this time you have the audience select a partner. Spin the disk the other way, and when they look at their partner


The spiral can be carried in your pocket. It is perfect for table hopping and strolling .
Spiral Steel Illusion Diameter Approximately 5.75 inches.

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An amazing effect, where a thought of item MATERIALISES in front of the spectator's very eyes!
Completely SELF WORKING & EASY TO DO! Based on an effect released by "Unleash Your Dreams" we purchased the rights to the idea, tweaked it around a little & added TWO extra climaxes at the end!

The second climax is sure to get a laugh & a round of applause!

Comes complete with all props, although it can be performed with NO PROPS at all!!!!

Mike Danata Comments:

You could even perform this effect on the radio, or over the phone!!!

Very easy to do, & it's one that I promise you will use!! I've had similar effects in the Studio, but I think this one beats them all!!

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The magician brings out a stack of cards and draws a few symbols, letters,or numbers, in fact anything at all! The magician asks the spectator to sign the card and to remember the symbols, so there can be no mistaking that this was the card they looked at.

You now take the card and show it to other spectators and ask them to remember the symbols also. With a snap of your fingers you ask the spectator that signed the card to state the symbols they saw. They name all but one, no matter how hard they try they cannot remember the symbol!

This trick can be presented as pseudo hypnotism if you wish, by proclaiming that you can wipe information from your spectators mind!!!

Comes complete with marker pen etc.

100% Self Working!

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Made from nothing but 100% Neodymium aka rare earth magnet.

Silver Plated, the ring is based on the traditional flat wedding band style.

I'm sure you know what can be done with this ring, there are limitless uses!! (chop cup with normal cups, stopping of watches) etc etc.........

Mentalists move those objects with the power of your mind and a little help from your ring.

Science projects and School work.

Engineering uses!

Therapy uses!

Rings come in SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE & even EXTRA LARGE!


* These items are not suitable if you have a pacemaker fitted

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This amazing selfworking magic trick comes complete with 4 fantastic routines and all props in a beautiful pocket carry pouch! 100% Selfworking magic............

Do the three card monte without the cards!
Do Mentalism tricks!
Do Casino style tricks!
Do Light Money madness!
Do an educational trick!
This fits in your pocket or wallet and is always ready to go.
No Setup
No Magnets
No Tricky bits
No Forces
No Sticky stuff
100% selfworking
No Reset, it is always reset!
Packs small and really does play BIG!
Great for beginners and pros alike!

To put it simply it is the three card monte without the cards, but it oh so much more. In it's most basic form you show two green led's and a red, they are mixed and you ask the spectator to select the red led! No matter what they do they simply cannot find it. You can of course make them select the correct one if you wish. This will have the spectators pulling their hair out!!!

You can perform this anywhere, anytime and anywhere, even in the dark!
There is nothing to hide or ditch, everything is in full view of the spectators 100% of the time.
They can handle the LEDs they can even connect them to the battery.
You have complete control over the outcome of the effect you are performing with the LED Monte/The Real Pocket Monte.
If you want someone to win, you can let them, if you want them to lose you can control that too.... In fact you control everything, you can even have the spectator mix them up as well....You still have control !

For the mentalism guys and girls, you will love the possible effects that you can perform from no force,forcing! To prediction effects. This is one trick where you could state who will be holding which LED long before you ever see them.... and what's more it is self working.

Yes totally selfworking!

Use a banknight/seven keys style presentation to present this effect.
Use cold reading to determine where the selected LED is
Use all manner of psycho-babble to perform this.
Use a casino theme to show how you can make money and lose money, remember the house always wins!

If you are feeling brave we have included advanced handling that will fry the most ardent spectators.

This trick comes complete with the following items:
5 LED's
High Powered Lithium battery.
Plush bag to carry everything!
8 page A4 instruction manual with easy step by step instructions, containing 4 great routines and tips and hints on other applications.
Routines include:-
The LED monte/ Chase the Ace
Mentalist's Monte
Light Money Madness
Poker Chip Surprise
Plus you get tips and hints on advanced play and handling!

Mike Danata Comments:

This really is a super kit, & comes highly recommended!

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Two piles of face down cards are seen on the table, one pile is freely chosen by the spectator, (absolutely no force) & these cards are mixed up. The cards from both piles are turned over one at a time, & the faces of each pile are seen to be well mixed.

The Spectator firstly selects which pile to work with (NO FORCE!) & the other pile of cards are turned face down. The spectator freely selects a number (again NO FORCE!) & the card at that number is withdrawn from the pile of cards, it is clearly seen that any other number selected would have produced an entirely different card.......... HOWEVER when you count down to the SAME NUMBER CARD in the other pile of cards, it is seen that BOTH CARDS MATCH EACH OTHER! Then the big SURPRISE FINISH, as each of the remaining two piles of cards are turned over, it is seen that all the cards have mysteriosly sorted themselves out, & as each card is turned over from the top of each pile, it is seen that dspite the cards all being mixed at the start, they have miraculously paired up with each other,thus the name "Tarot In HARMONY"

Mike Danata Comments:

This is a great self working trick, & comes complete with all the necessary Beautiful Tarot cards, plus complete easy to follow instructions!

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Video Clip Available
This is a beauty!

With this pen all it takes is a tap to ignite flash paper. It's uses are endless. Silent in working.

Requires: flashpaper, cotton, string, bills (not included)
one AAAA alkaline battery (included)

Lifetime guarantee!!

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Four cards are shown all with runic symbols on then they are all different and cover both sides of the cards.
A runic symbol is chosen and remembered by the spectator.
The cards are shuffled and laid out in front of the spectator, the mentalist then divines the symbol without any guess work or prompting...
There is nothing written down.
There is no swamis in play.
No billets
No Outs
No One Aheads
No Forces
No Magnets
No extras
No palming
NOTHING AT ALL OTHER THAN THE CARDS YOU ARE SUPPLIED WITH! this system was developed to be hidden in plain view, even when you are looking at the secret you can't see it, and no the cards are not marked in anyway...
The spectator has a FREE Choice.
You could perform this for 1,2,3,4 people at once if you wish!

Just slip these in your pocket and you will be performing miracles all the time.
This is completely selfworking and mind blowing!

Mike Danata Comments:

I'm so very impressed with this trick, both it's effect, plus the principle involved, EXCELLENT!

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Video Clip Available
The magician holds a key between his fingers and slowly the key starts to bend all by itself...it is truly that simple!

Each "Bend Key" is completely made of special metals without any gimmicks and certainly easy to show. Just hold the key between your fingers or put Bend Key in the spectator’s palm and it will bend by itself. The spectator can check it at once and will not believe what they have just seen!

You are not hiding anything in your palm, or switching the keys!

Sent Special Delivery in the U.K.

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There are so many effects where a chosen card ends up being the only card in a deck, & the rest are shown to be all blank, so why do we need another?

Well the reason is, that this one, beats all the others hands down!!

No forcing! No Switches! Just One Deck!

First read the description, then judge for yourself!

Basic Effect:

Magician removes a pack of cards from the box, & places them face down on the table, a spectator is asked to name any card out of 52 (FREE CHOICE, ABSOLUTELY NO FORCE AT ALL)they can change their mind as often as they wish. You pick up the deck, explaining that the cards are secretly "Marked" on the backs, so because of that, you can locate any card. Magician spreads the cards, & explains that "Your card is under that one" as you point to one card, you then cut the deck at that point, bringing the cut to card to the top of the face down deck, you then lift the top face down card from the the deck, & one card below it is seen to be FACE UP, it is the FREELY selected card, all the other cards are seen to be FACE DOWN!! The magician states "I'm so pleased you selected that particular card, because if you hadn't,I'm not sure what I would have done...................... The cards are turned over, & all the faces are seen to be BLANK!!! The only card in the deck is the spectator's FREELY chosen card!!

Only one deck of cards is used, these are on the table BEFORE the selection, there are 52 cards to the pack (no more & no less) resets with a couple of cuts. No sticky cards are used. Total FREE CHOICE of card. EASY TO DO!!

Mike Danata's Magic Studio, already owns the rights to a few similar effects to this one (Wayne Dobson's "Devastation" for instance) but I have to say that I think this one is cleaner........

Comes complete with the special Bicycle Pack that does most of the work for you (just add the presentation, & your personality!) A DVD with many additional ideas,(this deck will do SO MUCH MORE!!).

DVD content includes:

Basic Handling.
Alternative Thoughts.
Two Deck Invisible (by Mike Danata) using TWO spectators & two apparently Invisible Decks!

R.D.R. Deck for Trade Shows (with thanks to Gary Jones, for this splendid idea)
Turn your R.D.R. deck into a very powerful advertising tool, that will please your bookers no end!!

Plus many other ideas....................

The R.D.R. Deck by Robert Shaw, is one deck not to be missed, get yours NOW!!

Mike Danata Comments:

I'm very excited with this effect, it's applications are numerous, I firmly believe that you will love this too.................

I'd like to place on record my sincere thanks to Robbie for allowing me to market this wonderfuly clean & high impact effect!

I'd also like to thank Gary Jones for sharing the same enthusiasm as myself, when I first showed it to him..............

The R.D.R deck is a Mike Danata's Magic Studio EXCLUSIVE!

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Video Clip Available
Introducing the STRANGEST three card trick EVER!

Two Jokers & an "odd" card are shown. The odd card is seen to be completely blank. Now the trick is for the spectator to follow the odd card, it is made even more "odd" by the magician signing his name right across the face of it.

The spectator then signs their name right across the back of one of the jokers, & places their hand firmly on top, so the performer can't get to it! The magician's signed blank card is turned face down next to the other face up joker. However, when the magician's blank signed card is turned face up, it is seen to have changed into a joker with NO signature on it whatsoever!! When the spectator takes their hand off their signed joker & turns it face up, it is seen to be the magician's BLANK card COMPLETE with the magician's signature, with the spectator's signature STILL ON THE BACK!! The cards have changed places!!

Only three cards are used!


Comes Complete!

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Video Clip Available
A red-backed Ace from one packet changes places with a blue-backed Ace in another packet.
The selected Aces appear face-up in each respective packet. Then their backs prove to be different. As a final climax, all of the other cards are shown to be blank!

Everything is examinable. Perfect for mentalists, table-hoppers, and card magic enthusiasts!
Step-by-step DVD instructions and a photo-illustrated e-book illuminate the workings of Duplicity. All necessary cards in Bicycle brand are supplied.

Mike Danata Comments:

I perform this slightly differently, revealing the different colour backs FIRST, & then revealing the faces. However performed, this is a GREAT TRICK!!!

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you will get an attractive cabinet, nicely decorated with silver imprint made from durable plastic. It has a hinged door on one side, plus a finger hole at each end. There are two slots, one on the top and one on the bottom, allowing a sharp table knife or dagger to penetrate completely through the enclosed finger.

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Amazing Apparatus Impossible Outcome!

Display a wooden tray that holds a shot glass, a drinking glass, and six different colored golf balls on it.
The small shot glass is placed in the center of the tray.

The six golf balls are mixed & moved on top of the tray in different positions.
The large glass is put over top of the shot glass, securing the shot glass inside a chamber.

Have the spectator select one of the six colored golf balls, and call out the color.
Pick up the tray and cover it with the foulard, and hand the spectator the entire covered tray.

Ask them to concentrate on their colored golf ball, you remove the foulard covering the tray.
Their selected golf ball is now INSIDE the shot glass which is covered by the larger glass!

Everything Supplied; Tray, Both Glasses, 6 Golf Balls & Foulard

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Video Clip Available
Japan's Must Have Item is now available in the U.K.

The ingenious effect is simple and straight forward and SHOCKS everyone. Invented by Satoshi Toyoda in Eastern Japan, and manufactured with precision by Mikame Craft.

Once you see Mystery Key Holder demonstrated, you'll want it immediately.
There have been numerous tricks that a hole is transferred from one place to another place.
Mikame has taken the idea to an impossible level ahead! Display a wood rod with a hole in one end.
A key chain is hanging through this hole in the end rod. Without warning the hole moves to the center of the rod! The actual hole and chain move to the center of the rod. Now pull the chain up and down - It has actually moves! You decide to move the hole back to the end of the rod. It goes back to the end of the rod! Hand the rod out for examination.

All in Full View!
NO Funny Moves!

Dimension Approximately 6 1/4" x 7/8" (15.8cm x cm)

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Price £48.00  Use Currency Converter
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Two piles of cards each containing the four fours are counted face down.

One set of fours are red backed & the other set is blue. The Spectator is told to merely THINK of any one of the fours, & to hold this choice in their head, they are then instructed to think of another four but of the opposite colour. "I'm going to make the chosen cards jump piles" says the magician, with a gesture. & sure enough when the cards are spread, one card in each pile is now FACE UP, with the opposite colour back to the pile that they are now in!!!!

The biggest surprise however is yet to come, because all the other cards are turned face up, & are seen to be blank!!!! There are no other cards!!!

The only cards are the two that the spectator selected!!!!

Total FREE CHOICE no force!

Very Easy To Do!!

An irresistible card trick!

• Comes supplied with original Bicycle cards.

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Price £10.00  Use Currency Converter
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The anticipation is over!

Lior Manor has finally released his invisible touch routine on DVD…

The Invisible Touch was invented by Lior Manor around 1987. A volunteer on stage feels the mentalist touching her lightly, while the audience sees that the performer's hands were not even close. In the DVD you will learn all about the performance of the effect. In addition, you will learn:

Two spoon bending routines
The Himber ring routine
The PK time idea
The enhanced PK Touches routine (by Banachek) (performance only)
The invisible touch itself
The “Invisible Touch” was performed on TV by Derren Brown, Jerry McCambridge Alain Nu and Lior Manor.

" If you ever have a chance to see Lior Manor perform any of these routines , you would understand why he is one of the most sought after and highest paid corporate entertainer on this planet." He makes you laugh;he charms you and then he totally fools you..and best of all you love him for doing it."
- Barrie Richardson

Extra routine: See and learn how Lior Manor present the 10 Poker Deal

In 5 different trade shows, The bit that Lior added with money in the end of the routine is worth GOLD.

About Lior Manor:

One of the most creative minds in the mentalism world. Because of his original act, he is requested all over the world, among of the top leading, fortune 500 companies and flies every week around the globe with his entertaining skills and his ability to combine the mentalism world with the corporate one.

Awarded by the “Psychic Entertainers Association”, with the Dunninger Memorial award for “distinguished professionalism in the performance of mentalism”.

Among of other famous names such as:

Mark Salem, Jeff & Tessa Evason, Banachek, Garry Kurtz and Derren Brown.

Ask: Ken Weber, Barrie Richardson, Joreg Alexandr Weber and Michael Weber

Running Time Approximately 85min

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Invite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you.

Ask them to find your pulse. When they have it, ask them to snap their fingers along with it... They will keep track of your pulse rate. Tell them no matter what happens to you, make sure they report ANY changes in your pulse rate.

You close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and slowly... ask them if your pulse is getting stronger. They will agree it's beating harder. Then close your eyes and ask them if they feel the rate changing... they will say it's getting slower... and slower... and eventually only 1 beat every few seconds, and then it speeds back up to normal and goes faster and faster. Then the performer turns his attention inward and has a self-induced attack! This is "cardiac arrest"! The performer takes a deep breath and holds it and his pulse stops... after a few seconds it eases back to normal.

Comes complete with 7 page booklet of detailed instructions and routine.

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Yigal Mesika is an incredibly talented young magician from Israel. He has created many powerful new effects with the loop. He also found it necessary to improve the quality of the loop and so, for the past seven years,Yigal searched until he found a better way to manufacture the loop. The product you see here can be stretched up to 400% of it's original size and is perfectly suited, in strength and invisibility, for the routines found in this book.Until now there has been very little information available on the loop and that kept the subject relatively unknown and rarely used. The aim of this book is to guide you through the techniques of working with the loop, as well as to give you some applicable routines for stage, close-up and mentalism. Most of the effects were created by Yigal Mesika. The rest of the effects, as indicated, were compiled from the repertories of working magicians, Yigal's friends.

*** 10 Dynamite Routines! ***

Animated Fork - A fork is placed on a table and mysteriously moves.
Phenomenon Fork - A fork is placed on a hard surface and begins to spin rapidly as the magician waves his hand above it. It stops and spins in the other direction. As soon as it stops it can be picked up for examination by the audience.
Falling - An object is placed on the table in front of the performer. Passing his hands around it, he makes it fall.

The Floating Card - The magician, holding a deck of cards, takes one card with his right fingers and causes it to remain suspended from his thumb. He slowly removes his hand away and the card remains floating in mid-air.
Jumping Fork From Glass - The magician performs a little concerto with a fork on the rim of a wineglass. The fork is then placed into the glass. The magician conducts the fork, waving his hands over the glass. The fork begins to slowly climb out of the glass and suddenly jumps out, dramatically falling down to the table.

Mystery Glasses - A pair of sunglasses is placed on a table. Mysteriously they stand up on their own and, in some cases, the frame-arms fold shut.
Self Revealing Card -A card is freely selected and returned to the deck. The deck is squared and placed on any surface. The magician waves his hands some distance above the cards and the deck mysteriously separates. One card pops out of the deck. It is shown to be the selected card, and all may be handed out to the audience for immediate examination.
Matchical Magnetism - A match held by a spectator visibly jumps to join another match in the magicians hand.

A Touching Trick - The magician causes someone to feel he has been touched without any apparent contact. While the eyes of the audience are on him, and while his own eyes are closed, a spectator feels that his hand has been touched. The audience can plainly see that the magician did not touch the spectator.

The Floating Ring - The magician borrows a ring and displays it on his finger. The ring is suspended from his finger. The finger is moved away and the ring remains floating in the air totally unsupported. The magician plucks it from the air and hands it immediately back to it's owner!
· Easy To Master! · Incredible Effects!

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Video Clip Available
Postmentalism is impossible to film a standard demo for. The impact hits when your friend is sitting at home! So what I did was I told a handful of working pros (Tom Krzystof, Oz Pearlman, Paul Draper and Morgan Strebler) about the effect, what happens and then I gave them 24 hours to think of a method. Then I gave them a call the next day to chat. The following reactions are from those calls...

Before a major event (football game, election, etc), you offer to make a prediction to one of your friends. However in the interest of security, you don't want to hold on to the prediction yourself, nor do you want your friend to. You offer to mail the prediction in the form of a letter to your spectator's house, using the US Postal Service. In this way, it would be a felony to tamper with it!

You write the prediction, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and hand it to your friend. You then invite him to put the letter in any mailbox in town.

The following day (or whenever the letter happens to arrive), alone at home, your friend's brain will slowly disassemble itself and finally shut down, trying to figure out how you knew.

YES. It's as clean and straight-forward as it sounds. There's absolutely nothing misleading in this description. Get ready to be talked about, this is a reputation maker.

[excerpt from the manuscript]


In envelopes, pockets, folded billets, and boxes, written predictions have become a standard theme in magic. Its easy to see why. The ability to predict the future is something central to being human. In fact, some consider it the most important measure of intelligence. The ability to be prepared for future events is a critical survival skill. Even in our day to day lives, weathermen, stock analysts, marketers, politicians, lawyers, and hundreds of other occupations are focused around the outcome of future events. Predicting the future is a theme everyone can relate to and see the value of.

The focus of any prediction effect inevitably comes down to its integrity.

When a television escape artist puts on chains, traditionally he will have a privately hired member of the local police force examine them to make sure the handcuffs he is using are legitimate. In this way, a 3rd party has vouched to the audience for the effect's integrity.

There are a couple of drawbacks to this when performing casually for friends. First, most of us are not under 24 hour police surveillance. This makes contracting a member of local law enforcement impractical. And second, even when a privately or even "randomly" selected police officer is chosen from an audience during a stage show, their legitimacy is still in question. Are they really a police officer or an actor who is part of the show? Each time a question like this is asked, it chips away precious credibility from the performance.

In a written prediction effect (particularly between a mentalist and a single individual), there is a dilemma of who to entrust with the prediction until the time of revelation.

If the mentalist holds onto it, the details could be discretely changed (as they often are), compromising the integrity of the prediction. If the spectator holds onto it, they could read it and possibly change the outcome, also compromising the original prediction.

Ideally we would have an escrow style trusted 3rd-party agent who could hang on to the prediction for us until after the predicted event. There would also be severe penalties for either side to tamper with the prediction.

The solution I propose in Postmentalism is to use the US Postal Service to mail a prediction to your friend's home.



Anticipation is a huge part of pleasure. It's what makes Christmas mornings, 16th birthdays and Fridays so much juicier. In Postmentalism, your spectator will be looking forward to receiving this mysterious prediction from you for at least a day or two, listening for the mailman and anticipating what it could be.

Private Reaction

I touched on this concept in my effect "Mix Tape". Regardless of whether you're performing on stage or walk-around, it's impossible to get a truly honest reaction from someone as long as you're watching them. By sending the prediction to their home, your spectator is somewhere they feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, alone, to react completely genuinely to your performance. It's obviously a different kind of performance where you don't get to see a "freak-out" moment, but one that hits hard and will be remembered forever regardless.


In many tricks, the spectator is left with some scrap of signed card that the magician gives to them (usually to avoid having to walk it over to the waste basket) with the belief that they will cherish it and remember them fondly forever. The problem is that usually it's a meaningless shred of a performance. In Postmentalism, the spectator receives an envelope, addressed and mailed to them, delivered to their door the old fashioned way (which is only getting more memorable as email takes over), that they personally put in the mail. This envelope contains a full recount of what happened during the performance and any time they look back at it they will be able to relive the moment.

Postal Integrity

As far as middlemen go, it doesn't get much better than the USPS. It's actually a felony to tamper with the mail. Assuming both you and your spectator are performing outside the walls of a prison, this should be more than enough to convince them that no one has changed the prediction.

Q: Will Postmentalism work with foreign postal services?

A: Yes! In fact, not only will it work in different countries, it even works when you're mailing from one country to another!

"I love it. How did you come up with this?? I have to ask!" -- Tom Krzystof

"That's sick. I'm going to use it for the next UFC fight." -- Morgan Strebler

"That's *!@#'n good. Really good. I'm going to use this." -- Oz Pearlman

"It's fantastic.. it's phenomenal.. I think it's great." -- Paul Draper

"I just came back from the future, and everyone there was doing this trick. Seriously." -- Alvo Stockman

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Video Clip Available

The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50,000 people attending the world’s largest art festival. It’s Survival Magic and there are no spectators, only participants in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Welcome to Burning Man and Magic at the Edge! Since the dawn of time, magicians have sought inspiration in the most unusual places. Burning Man is one of the most inspiring environments for performance magic in all the world.

You’ve seen Jeff McBride featured on A&E's Mindfreak, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and VH-1’s Celebracadabra. Now you can see Jeff in action performing his magic at one of the wildest places in the world, the Burning Man Art Festival. But this is far more than just a performance video. It is a teaching video, an exploration that searches for the very heart and soul of magic. Here is an inside look into the lifestyle of one of the world’s great magicians and how and why he seeks inspiration.

Magic at the Edge offers magic for all skill levels, with commentary from Eugene Burger and Jeff’s wife, Abbi McBride. They share their philosophies and techniques on performance. They teach you how you can add more meaning to your existing routines and use your magic to teach powerful lessons. Polish the magic you already perform and experience the wisdom of these masters of the art.


TRIBAL PIERCING - An impromptu shocker! Push your thumb through your ear—listen to the screams!
MAGIC WISHING RAINBOW - Your participant’s wish comes true with a surprise gift! A lesson in eye contact and engagement.
RAINBOW TO DOLLAR - You will conjure a rainbow from the air and transform it into real money your participant can keep!
WISHING RAINBOW/RAINBOW TO ROSE - The magic rainbow is back and transforms into the gift of a rose. An effect sure to melt the heart and make a lasting memory.
MAGIC BUBBLES - Enchanted bubbles become real in your participant’s hand! This effect can silence crying children and might even get you a first-class airline upgrade!
HINDU ROPE / RISING CARD - An immaculate rising card, totally impromptu, with a mythic presentation. Better than nearly any gaffed deck version.
THE BEAD & STRING MYSTERY - Break free from bondage! A ritual of liberation that enpowers your participants to set their minds free.
WORLD’S FASTEST HANDS - Jeff’s super fast card opener: two participants’ cards revealed—really really fast. A close-up illusion that defies explanation.
NO SMOKING - A magical performance with the intention of healing and perhaps empowering your friends to quit smoking.
THE POD BELT - Jeff shows you his survival accessory belt that has more toys and attachments than Batman!
McWALLET - The signed card appears inside the wallet that is also inside a zippered pouch! A real world Card in Wallet that can be repeated multiple times. This has fooled the best!
Magician 24/7
Audience Participation
Flight Time
21st Century Street Magic with Eugene Burger
Definition of Magician

Meet Jeff McBride
The Shaman’s Drum
McTip #1


HOUDINI STRAIGHTJACKET - Abbi Spinner McBride’s performance and explanation of the Houdini Straightjacket Challenge, with Eugene Burger giving historical background on this pack-small, play-big illusion.
THE MAGNETIC CARDS - A modern version of Nate Leipzig’s astonishing card levitation. A trance-inducing wonder!
HEART CONNECTION - Make deep personal connections with two signed playing cards. More than a mere trick—it is real magic from the heart.
PRISNA’S DANCING CANE - The evolution and revolution of the dancing cane in pop culture (performance only).
THE SHARK FIN PIN - This little known close-up illusion even fools experienced magicians! A saftey pin rips through your jacket and leaves no trace!
SAMINA’S “INTO GOLD” - A lesson in alchemy—from the scintillating sorceress—will teach you to change real lead into gold in the participant’s hand.
TRASH TO TREASURE - An enviro-magic experience that transforms garbage into glitter. Ecologically inspired conjuring.
BUSINESS CARD CONNECTION - Jeff shares a few of his impromptu business card effects that ensure your business card gets kept and remembered. A networking solution to a modern problem.
MCQUICK TIP TRICK - A super fast impromptu production and transformation of cards and money. Your participant keeps the money and your reputation builds as a real world wonderworker.
McMINT - An ultra-modern version of Signed Card to Impossible Location using a breath mint case. This is a mini-illusion and Jeff’s closer in his close-up show.
Traveling with Props
Interview with Sensei Strange

Mystery School
Assistant’s Revenge
McTip #2


THE CHEN LEE MCBURGER WATER SUSPENSION - Water magic that mystifies close up, parlor or stage. This combinatin of classic method and modern application creates a powerful impromptu effect with props you already own.
WATER IN THE NEWSPAPER - Abbi McBride performs her commando-style routine in the round, under the Big Top at Burning Man center camp (performance only).
JINKS - Performing in tandem, Abbi and Jeff present an in-the-hands Wild Card invented by the brilliant Gordon Bean. Introducing the Spinner Count.
LISTEN TO THE MUSTN’TS - Inspired by Tracey Atterberry and Shel Silverstein, a tale of hope and courage. Blank canvases mysteriously paint themselves with images of your magical potential.
HERMETIC STAR GAZER - Alan Wong created one of the great rubber band effects of our time. This is Jeff’s lesson in alchemical geometry with guest participant Stephen Larsen. As above . . . so below!
SPELLBOUND - Jeff’s tips and subtleties on this classic coin routine.
BURNING MAN IN THE HAND - A cutting edge presentation for the classic Okito Wicker Rising Doll. Burn baby burn!
FIRE RITUAL- A ceremony of enchantment where burning intentions manifest into reality with a flash of fire.
About Burning Man

Kabuki Magic
McTip #3
TV Commercial
Fire Circle

You’ve seen Jeff McBride featured on A&E’s Mindfreak, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and VH-1’s Celebracadabra. Now you can see Jeff in action performing his magic at one of the wildest places in the world, the Burning Man Art Festival.

But this is far more than just a performance video. It is a teaching video, an exploration that searches for the very heart and soul of magic. Here is an inside look into the lifestyle of one of the world’s great magicians and how and why he seeks inspiration. Magic at the Edge offers magic for all skill levels, with commentary from Eugene Burger and Jeff’s wife, Abbi McBride. They share their philosophies and techniques on performance. They teach you how you can add more meaning to your existing routines and use your magic to teach powerful lessons. Polish the magic you already perform and experience the wisdom of these masters of the art.

Disc One Running Time Approximately 2hr 11min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 1hr 57min
Disc Three Running Time Approximately 1hr 33min

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"Very rarely do I feel that I have created a new plot in card magic that is unique and baffling. This effect and presentation I feel is both..."
- Andrew Gerard


A spectator is shown a small bunch of cards and is asked to remember one.

The cards are mixed and dropped to the ground by a spectator or magician one at a time landing in a neat little pile… except for one. One card takes off and flies TOWARDS! the person that thought of a card! The card is named, turned over and shown to be the one they thought of!

No elastic
No reset
No threads
No magnets
No wires
Completely Self contained/self working
"Finally a genuine breakthrough in plot and method! I know everyone will be doing this."
- Paul Harris

5 page booklet includes instruction, routine, tips and bonus ideas.

Mike Danata Comments:

This really is EXCELLENT!!! SOOOooooo EASY, & absolutely amazing!! I LOVE IT!!

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Video Clip Available
In this one of a kind DVD set, hosted by Luna Shimada, for the first time together, Master Magicians Finn Jon & Yigal Mesika, unveil the best kept inside secrets to using Loops. Learn first-hand, from the Creator and Innovator of this versatile and powerful apparatus how to easily perform impossible effects using normal, everyday objects. If you’ve ever wanted to create the illusion of having “supernatural powers” that will mesmerize the most discriminating audiences, here are the secrets…

Volume 1

Finn Jon the Grand Master of Levitation is seen performing here with his groundbreaking invention, Loops. Finn is a virtuoso in the world of Magic and an inspiration to many master magicians. Here you will see Finn performing in his unique, classic, style, wowing audiences with amazing effects using Loops. Finn’s grace, style and humor are as entertaining as it is education. He shares his philosophy; tips and many intimate secrets learned from decades of experience and take you through the fundamentals of creating incredible magic that will be unforgettable! Don’t miss the chance to watch a legend at work…

Floating Cigarette
Bending Knife
Floating Bubble
Jumping Bill
PK Touch
Floating Card
Volume 2

Get inspired by Yigal Mesika to live the loops! Mesika, who gave Finn’s creation phenomenal versatility, has performed in 40 different countries using the Loops and elevated it to an art form. He is seen here live and unstaged, warmly interacting with the audience, charming and confounding them with his signature effects that are absolutely undetectable to hypnotized onlookers sitting right next to him! Even skeptics are dazzled! Learn from the leading master of Animation and Levitation the top secrets on how you to can create an impossible reality! You will be able to perform a complete half hour show based on this one tool that will totally ROCK your audience!

Phenomenal Fork
World’s Best Haunted Pack
Floating Ring
The Force
Floating Bill
Mystery glasses
InnerCircle Card Included
Everything packaged in a stylish metal case.
Now the power to Loops can be yours…

"I never leave home without it!"
-Criss Angel MINDFREAK

"Your handling of the Haunted Pack is by far the best I have ever see...Both the Haunted Pack and the Spinning Fork are going directly into my show!"
-Gary Kurtz

Disc One Running Time Approximately 60min
Disc Two Running Time Approximately 60min

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Video Clip Available
In REFLECTIONS, leading masters of levitation and animation, Finn Jon and Yigal Mesika come together again to take you through the DO's and DON'Ts of performing with IT and Loops in any light condition. In REFLECTIONS you will learn how to walk into any setting, from close up to stage and instantly know how to eliminate those telltale reflections that can ruin your act! If you're using levitation and animation at any level, this DVD is essential viewing!

You'll find inside tips and advice on the magic behind creating magic in the air. The riveting sequel to LOOPS volume 1&2 contains in depth, explanation of how to create totally believable effects so that even skeptics will be convinced! Watch Mesika and Finn open up on candid conversations with each other about top secrets on how to foolproof your technique and work well with backgrounds to eliminate any suspicions of IT and IE. Enjoy a rare, private lesson with the experts and watch them perform new effects never seen or done before.
Jumping Cigarette
One-hand Floating Bill
Spinning Bulb
Boomerang Card
Secret Loop Move
Running Time Approximately 45min

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Three cards, each being a different color, are placed on the table, on the back of the cards are pictures of different objects. One colour card is selected, and then the spectator is asked to pick any number from 1 to 20. A plastic box, that has been shown completely empty & thoroughly examined by the spectator,is shaken as many times as the number selected APART from the final number,when the final number is due, at this point THE SPECTATOR shakes the container, and all of a sudden something is heard inside the box! when the lid is removed an item matching the choice is seen inside the container!!! matching the selected color!

Mike Danata Comments:

I like this one a lot! it's very cute, & the magic happens in the SPECTATOR'S HANDS!!!!

Very easy to do as well!!!

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Three acclaimed books now together in one deluxe volume!

Thousands have read Richard Osterlind's e-books Making Magic Real, Making Real Magic and Essays and many have reported that the way they approached their magic—and even their lives—was changed forever.

Now, for the first time, these three ground-breaking books have been assembled into one beautifully-bound softcover volume that can change your life and magic.

You’ll find the secrets to what really makes magic not only memorable but relevant to today's sophisticated audiences. In a recent survey, Richard Osterlind was named the most influential mentalist of all time and in these pages, you’ll discover the exact methods that have made him one of the world’s most successful mystery entertainers.

Also included are three powerful effects, including the original Osterlind Design Duplication System, Osterlind’s Amazing Memory Demonstration and a wonderful handling for the classic Haunted Key.

If you’re ready to take your magic and mentalism to the next level, The Osterlind Trilogy is now ready to help you there.

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This is the newest in the Random Magic Line. This watch has been made to the highest specifications. Show your ordinary watch and take it off and ask the spectator to name any time in the future, you set the watch to the time YOU THINK they are thinking of, when you turn your watch around it is on the selected time! Functions as an ordinary watch! keeps good time & has a leather strap.

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RETRO-SIGHT.....Two different effects in one!

One of the most novel effects you will see. Something totally unique...combined with a new principle in MENTALISM that will delight even seasoned pros. This is release five in Devin Knight's Psychic Sight Series. Two effects in one!


The first effect is one that Devin has used to fool well informed mentalists in the past. Two spectators are brought on stage. Neither is a stooge nor has there been any pre-show work.

The first spectator freely selects a word from the stack of word cards. There is no force of any kind and the mentalist really does not know the word selected. The first person is told to think of his word. Performer then passes the cards one at time in front of a mirror while he looks away. He says that a psychic ability known as "Retro-sight" sometimes allows a person to know what is not known by viewing words printed in reverse in the mirror. He asks the second person to look into the mirror and see if he gets any psychic flashes regarding the thought of word. Believe it or not the second person correctly names the selected word and is puzzled as to how he knew it. Magician doesn't whisper to or secretly cue the person. The magician really doesn't know the thought of word until the second person reveals it. Can instantly be repeated with a different word.

One of the most ingenious things you will ever see and will fool any of your magic buddies who don't know the secret. Nothing like this has ever been done before using this method.


In the second effect the magician is able to cause WORD CARDS to transpose with those inside a mirrored dimension. Magician introduces a set of word cards from the well known game Word Chase. He shows the cards freely front and back, nothing but a set of cards with a different word on each. Performer claims that another dimension exists inside any mirror. To prove this he holds the cards one at a time in front of the mirror to show how the mirror reflects the printed word on the card as a mirrored image. He says he will make the word cards in his hand change places with the ones in the mirror.

Suddenly ALL the cards in the mirror appear normal and can be read. For a kicker the magician shows all the cards in his hand are now printed in reverse mirror images. He then repeats the effect using his business card, suddenly the card reflected in the mirror becomes normal and can be read. The card left in his hand is now printed in reverse and is left with the spectator as a conversation piece. Even includes a method that allows you to do this with a borrowed business card.

No short or long cards, no rough or smooth, no double faced word cards, no sticky stuff on the cards, and the packet of cards is not switched.

Comes complete with set of word cards from the game Word Chase, vinyl holder for cards and complete directions detailing every nuance.

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Show your audience a solid metal spoon. Focus your psychic energy on it, and watch the spoon bend at your fingertips. As a surprising finale, the spoon breaks in half! You can hand our the two broken pieces of the spoon to your audience for examination, and they will find nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. No cover or secret movements. Your audience will shriek when they seen the spoon bend!

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Basically this is a pocket torch, which works in the normal way. You can give it to a spectator for examination, and he can switch it off and on like any torch.
However, the torch can also be switched on and off secretly by the performer without touching it whenever he so wishes!
The earliest recorded reference for this effect is by E. W. Bud Morris, who described the idea in his “Magic With Electronics” (1973) as the Brain Wave Lamp. The earliest commercial version was Bob Ostin’s Beam Shot marketed by Ken Brooke in the mid 1970’s with subsequent versions under various names like Laser Light. There has also been other marketed models over the past 30 years, with a few extra features incorporated in every subsequent model.

This, the latest model incorporates some of the latest technology to give you more features, and permits you to do all the previous models could, and MUCH MORE!

* A super bright LED is used to replace the regular torch bulb, giving you several hundred times more service. It will last the life of the torch. It also uses far less current, and gives you much greater "mileage" on every set of batteries.

* Superior, stronger and smaller Neodymium Magnets enable the range to be extended, far beyond the capabilities of all the earlier models.

* Torch can now be controlled from several inches away (instead of the less than an inch in earlier models), and operate it through any non magnetic table, or even a spectator's hand! This greatly enhances the scope of this prop, to presentations not possible earlier!

The uses of the prop are only limited by your imagination, but we give several ideas in the instruction as a starting point. Whether you do Bizarre Magic, or Magic with a Sci-Fi theme, or Mentalism, or any other type of presentation, you will find this a very usable prop to add to your bag of tricks.

Mike Danata Comments:

When you visit the Studio, ask to see the routine I have come up with! I think you'll like it a LOT!! The prop is EXCELLENT!

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Video Clip Available
The performer introduces a small ordinary looking lobby broom, and places it behind their back. With both ends of the broom visible at ALL times, the broom then melts slowly into the performer's body sideways! The performer twists the broom inside his body in different directions. The performer turns his body from side to side showing all angles that the broom is indeed inside his body and both ends of the broom are visible at ALL times during the illusion. For the stunning finale the performer turns 360 degrees as they pull the broom completely through their body for a thunderous applause.

The illusion is very versatile and boasts other performing applications, including thrusting the broom up through your body, or simply pulling the broom straight through your body in one solid motion without ever taking your hands off either end of the broom!

Great for stage, street performers, illusionists, comedy magicians, MCs, and can be done close up.

Also perfect for themed events such as Halloween, etc.

Special Points

NO Special Clothing Required
No Black Art Used
No Special Lighting Required
No Set up
Instant Reset
Packs Small, Plays Big
Extremely Visual, & Very Deceptive
No Body Harnesses
Self Contained
Functions like a regular broom
Performance ready right out of the box!
"Peter, This is ****ING BRILLIANT! And you can quote me on that!"
- Chance Wolf

" Another awesome idea Peter! Very clever; I wish I had thought of this! "
- Jason Palter

" This looks great! With the popularity of Harry Potter this is the perfect topical effect. Funny AND amazing is hard to come by! "
- Nathan Kranzo

" Peter your Broom thru body illusion looks SWEET! This is extremely visual! Another winner from Peter Loughran! "
- Corey King - Inventor of Kings Rising Levitation

" Wow, this looks CRAZY! I've been a huge fan of Peter Loughran's "off beat" Illusions since the very beginning, and he keeps astonishing me every single time. Peter's latest release: 'Broom thru body', is no exception. It seems you have outdone yourself once again, Peter. Great Stuff! "
- Peter Eggink

Dimensions Approximately 35 3/8" x 5" x 7/8" (90cm x 12.7cm)

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One of the finest books on mentalism ever written! It contains a total 36 outstanding mental miracles. The methods for accomplishing these bafflers is sheer simplicity. No complicated sleights. Learning effects like PSI-Stebbins, Snakes Alive, and Bell, Book & Candle. Over 200 pages packed with easy to do, extraordinary mental effects with cards, coins, books and more. They will fool the most sophisticated audience!

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Price £35.00  Use Currency Converter
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This booklet contains material by Corinda and Ralph W. Read. Corinda's mentalism is "clean" and requires no complicated props. The ideas in this 46 page book can make you a master mentalist.

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If you thought the orginal two book version of Flashback was great, wait until you see the ultimate version! Included are four new and examinable paperback novels. Plus a copy of an unprepared Webster's Dictionary. And a fifth paperback designed exclusively to perform the "Hoy Book Test" without having to miscall the selected page number.

Here's a brief description of some of the incredible effects you'll be able to perform:

*A spectator selects and concentrates on the first word on any page in any of the five paperbacks provided. Instantly the performer can reveal the word the spectator is thinking of.

*The spectator can point to any word in a paragraph on the page selected and you can proceed to discern it!

*The spectator concentrates on a name elsewhere on the page and you can immediately reveal it.

*The spectator merely thinks of a word on the next line and you've predicted its location in an unprepared dictionary!

*You and the spectator freely select identical words in each others book!

*Three spectators each think of a word in their freely selected book and you instantly reveal all three words.

*Plus, the greatest version ever of the Hoy Book Test, without having to miscall the selected page, in addition, you reveal the spectator's thoughts; a full paragraph, not just a single word!

Naturally you wouldn't do all of the above effects in a single performance, but you could. And there's more! Those of you who own the original "Flashback" will appreciate the fact that the word selected in the new Ultimate Flashback books consists of five letters or more. No sweating over the discernment of a two or three letter word.

"Ultimate Flashback" is so easy to perform you can just concentrate 100% of your efforts on the presentation. Without question, there's no finer word and book test anywhere.

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An ESP effect you can't pass by! Spectator deals a quantity of ESP cards face up in the shape of a pyramid. Magician now openly deals from the bottom of the deck a face down card on top of each face up card. As the cards are dealt, the spectator uses an "image receptor" to indicate which cards he thinks match and which do not. When the cards are turned over, the spectator has "accurately predicted" the outcome. Everything can be examined! The spectator won't have a clue as to how he did it!

Comes complete with Printed Vinyl Wallet, Image Receptor, Pack of ESP Cards that can be used for many other effects! Plus the full routine/instructions & patter regarding "Pyramid Power".

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Can be Freely Shown ON BOTH SIDES!

With one swift movement the large knife is smashed right through the arm!

Yes it is seen to penetrate the arm! this looks awesome! Blood SQUIRTS everywhere! (Optional)

Remember Can be Shown on BOTH SIDES before, during & after penetration!

Perform at Close Distance!
Fully Self-Contained!
Hidden Blood Dispenser!
Blade Appears Sharpened!
No cumbersome Lever to extend blade.
All Metal Construction!

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Showing 5 pairs of different color loop cards, a spectator is asked to mix them up and attempt to match them up. Unfortunately he fails the test, however, when the cards are turned over… they have all formed a HEART SHAPE with MATCHING colors, front and back! This is really VERY easy to perform and everyone loves it!

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A Freely chosen card is replaced in the deck, when suddenly the deck starts to eerily move!
One card moves forward & when turned over is seen to be the chosen card!! Cards can be used for other effects! Instant Reset!

A new way Haunted Pack, that uses NO THREADS! & NO MAGNETS! handling & instructions by Mike Danata!
Comes complete with precision made gimmick & Bicycle Cards.

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Four blank cards are counted onto the spectator's palm-up hand.
Then pictures of spider webs appear and disappear from the faces of the cards.
The spectator is asked to wave his hand over the cards.
As he does, he discovers a large, realistic spider on the back of his hand.
The spider load is undetectable! This makes them jump up and scream!

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A parapsychological sensation!

Hyper Smith is a very practical and self working mental effect. It allows you to reveal a word and a symbol randomly selected by two spectators. No fishing and nothing is written or forced. With Hyper Smith you can create a sensation at your parlor or close up show. Very visual and easy to do!

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Best Magical Wishes

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A very simple word, and yet, such a powerful one.

Just Imagine that a volunteer from the audience can merely think of any item from a list that has been entirely created by the rest of the audience. She concentrates upon her selection as the you run through all of the named possibilities. When you get to the end of the list, you will be able to tell the volunteer exactly what she is thinking.

Just Imagine that a person can merely think of any one of the five standard ESP symbols—and you will be able to tell them which one.

And all of this (and more) can be accomplished on the spot. Nothing ever needs to be written. There is no advance preparation. No secret assistants. No gimmicks. No forcing. No pumping. No equivoque. And everything can be done without the performer ever touching anything—so there is obviously no sleight-of-hand. Simply put, everything here can look, and feel, like real mind reading. And everything can be done 100% impromptu.

But, there is a catch…

If you are the type of person that often reads something that is a bit different, and immediately believes that it will never work, then this manuscript will not be worthwhile for you. The material found between these covers is unusual, powerful, and certainly not for everyone. So be forewarned.

Pages 42 - Soft Bound

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Fantastic Surprise Ending!

Introduce a brass luggage-style combination lock, have any spectator mix the dials, the lock will not open.

A borrowed ring is locked onto the combination lock, & the dial is mixed.

A spectator thinks of a four digit number such as the year they were born or wedding year.

Now a different spectator dials these digits on the locks dials,It proves to be the exact combination that opens the lock!

Spectator then removes her ring from the lock.

Many routines are possible, & it's EASY TO DO!

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KNOCK them OUT with ONE Card Trick!
A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck.
The top card of the deck is shown to be different and placed in a special holder.
VISUALLY, this card slowly changes into the SIGNED slection!

Use ANY poker sized card!
Easy to do!
Great visual close-up magic!

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Closely associated with magic are amazing feats like fire eating, swallowing swords, beds of nails, and other such carnival demonstrations. And like magic tricks, many of these have a trick or secret to them, making them in fact much easier to do than what the audience believes.
While years of practice and training will enable a person to actually push a sword down his throat, and pull it out again, now anyone can perform this amazing feat with a trial or two in a most convincing manner.

Supplied complete and ready to use, with instructions.

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Cards and dice in a baffling and entertaining routine. Four cards numbered 1 to 4 on their backs are shown one by one. Three of the cards have a colorful die printed on the face. The fourth is BLANK!

Place the cards face down on the table and ask the spectator to take the three dice: red, yellow and blue, and try to put them on the right numbers/cards. Not so easy!!

Now for the magic! The spectator moves the dice one by one to the fourth blank card.

Show the three cards. They are ALL BLANK!!

When the spectator turns over the fourth card - ALL DICE ARE NOW PRINTED AT THE FACE OF THE CARD!!!

Direct - visual and strong magic! Easy to do. What more could you ask for?

Comes complete with: 3 die, 5 cards printed on Bicycle stock, and detailed instruction sheet.

Note: Color of card backs may vary.

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Video Clip Available
The magician shows the audience a large framed mirror. They can watch and touch it from both sides. A black sack is placed over middle of the mirror. The spectators can still see the mirror protruding from both sides of the sack. A silk is produced and the performer pushes it through center of the sack and mirror. He then pulls the rest of the silk out from behind the mirror! But this is only the first wonderful effect!

Now the spectators notice the sack is bulging and stretching as something moves between the mirror and the black fabric. Suddenly the magician's hand POPS out through the mirror and the sack! He wiggles his fingers and pushes his arm forward about 5 inches. Turning his body to the left the audience can see that his arm is penetrating the mirror! The magician pulls his arm out from the mirror and removes the sack to reveal that the mirror is perfectly unharmed!

The audience can be shown both sides and touch the mirror.

Comes complete with Matrix Mirror, 18 page, full-color, photo-illustrated instruction book and padded, wooden carrying case.

Dimensions Approximately 19" x 14 1/2" (48.25cm x 36.75cm)

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What would you say if someone told you they could VISUALLY bend a BORROWED COIN in MID-AIR... without touching it?


That's what we said... Until we saw Morgan do it live for a circle of 100 screaming fans!

This is as clean as it gets. The floating coin is as precise and breathtaking as an olympic figure skating routine, and the bend is as earth-shattering as an Indy car crashing into the wall at 220 miles per hour.

You'll learn the full routine with all of the subtleties.

Spun features:

Live performance footage on the streets of Las Vegas
Complete lecture-style explanations
Special follow-along practice session with Noblezada
Running Time Approximately 80min

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This effect will simply amaze. It can be incorporated into any routine. The magician simply starts rubbing his/her index finger and thumb together, and smoke begins to appear from in between them. That's right, real smoke starts climbing from the magicians empty hand! This is a real show stopper that will leave them completely dumbfounded.

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Crystal Card is a revolutionary idea based on a new principle. It can be used to perform a wide variety of surprisingly visual effects including:

Crystal Card: Two cards thought of by two spectators are magically revealed on a piece of green crystal right before the very eyes of the audience!
Past and Future: A card selected by a spectator materialises on the performer's crystal. The performer claims that he saw the selected card through his crystal before the card was actually selected and proves it!
Bizarre Revelation: The performer rests his palm over a green crystal - a card, thought of by a member of the audience, magically appears on the crystal
X-Ray Screen: A card is selected and returned to the deck which is then wrapped in a silk. A spectator looks at the wrapped deck through a crystal and sees the selected card!
Supreme Exposure: A prediction mysteriously materialises on a sealed piece of crystal. A card previously selected by a member of the audience is turned face up. It's a match!
Crosswise Illusion: A card selected by a member of the audience magically appears on a special crystal inserted crosswise in a deck of cards!
Palm Reader: A card is selected and rubbed on a spectator's palm. The spectator brings her palm over a green crystal and the selected card mysteriously appears on the crystal!
Invented, handcrafted and routined by Pieras Fitikides


"Very mysterious, weird and unusual! I rubbed the Crystal Card on the table cloth to reveal the thoughts of the spectator. A thin slice of natural stone revealing thoughts? The possibilities are endless! More mysterious and more practical than a crystal ball!"
-Tommy Wonder
"With his brilliant invention "Crystal Card", Pieras Fitikides introduces a completely new tool in magic with enormous potential. With this prop you have Aladdin’s lamp in your hands and you are able to create wonders. Crystal Card will be a key to a new surreal field in our wonderful world of magic."
-Lennart Green

Presented by Lennart Green at the FISM Convention-2006 to rave reviews. "I love this effect!" (his words).

"Pieras Fitikides' Crystal Card is wonderfully unique and completely mystifying. The possibilities are limitless! His concept opens the door for creative performers to create their own mind-numbing routines. The instructions and routines supplied with the effect are clear, complete and powerful. I recommend this to anyone looking for something visually unique and dramatically powerful." -Thomas Baxter

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Jeff McBride: 'A fresh and original idea from the very clever mind of Marc Oberon'

You remove a key and ring from your pocket and explain that your audience will create a three digit number. You ask several people to name a single digit number and these are put together to create a random three digit number.

Amazingly, the number named exactly matches the number digitally printed on the key ring.

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The performer introduces a book, "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure", which he says he has enjoyed reading recently. After briefly explaining the concept of 'Googlewhacking', he passes the book to a member of the audience, who looks through the book and eventually decides on one of the 'Googlewhacks'. After some typically funny byplay and a couple of false starts, the performer gets serious and tries a proper test. He detects subtle inflections in the participant is allowed to keep the book as a gift and a souvenir.

So what exactly is 'Whacked!'? It is a 10 minute mind-reading routine which revolves around Dave Gorman's best-selling book "Googlewhack Adventure". If you've no idea what that is, you can bring yourself up to speed by heading over to http://www.davegorman.com/googlewhack

You receive everything you need to perform this incredible routine, including full details of Mark's script and psychological approach - which is one of the things that lifts 'Whacked!' head and shoulders above so many other book-tests. The presentation has been honed over many, many performances for a wide variety of audiences, which ensures that the routine plays as well for a group of top professionals at a business luncheon as it does for a crowd of hip college students at a birthday party. The presentation is funny, sophisticated and guaranteed to deliver a great audience reaction every time it is performed.

The technical demands on the performer are minimal: no pre-show, no forces, no anagrams to remember and the book used, "Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure" is absolutely normal and may be given away at the end of each performance (in fact we encourage you to do so!) The 'method' is entirely self-contained and will withstand the closest scrutiny. There literally is nothing for any spectator or participant to 'see'. Also, there are no extraneous props - everything used to perform 'Whacked!' is entirely natural to the proceedings, with no justifications required for any aspect of the handling. This leaves the mentalist free to concentrate on just one thing: entertaining his audience.

Finally, you'll be pleased to know that the principles and techniques used to accomplish 'Whacked!' are not dependent on the use of Dave Gorman's book and that ANY book may be used in ANY language. This booklet contains full instructions on how to alter the method for use with other books. Whilst not impromptu, the preparation is minimal and does not need to be repeated for subsequent performances. The method makes use of modern technology, but there is nothing to break, run out or let you down during a performance.

'Whacked!' is not another book-test to add to your collection. It is a fully developed, real-world performance piece designed to be used by a professional performer at paid shows.

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